Artists Bios

Daryl Kelly

1982 in the West Indies to English parents. Educated in England he now lives and works in Barbados.

Emanating from his mixed cultural influences his work is one that embodies both dichotomy and social commentary. Key influences stem from a youth growing up in the urban English town of Southend-on-Sea, to adulthood living in the West Indies.

From a fine art schooling in the methods of classical painting his work primarily reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean. And his chosen media of acrylic on canvas is a natural choice for his richly coloured and textual paintings. 

The artist's earlier work focuses on scenes inspired by his dwellings and the rich fabric of island life. Whilst more recent figurative work depicts the frenetic scenes of modern life mixed with undertones of a long neglected history of slavery and racial challenges still very much suppressed in the West Indies.

Particular to Barbados is the depiction of an ever increasing wealth gap and a class divide among visitors, expats and locals which also has international resonance. 

In direct contrast his abstract paintings answer an inner need to express his environment in a much more simplistic and purist way, whilst still embodying the influences of the Caribbean.

An entrepreneur and a conceptual thinker by nature, other Kelly key works look to the world of cryptocurrency and worldwide environmental challenges

Susan Mains

Susan Mains, Artist

A self-taught artist, Susan is a Grenadian. She grew up in Grenada, and her family is 4 generations grafted in—since 1950. For more than 30 years Susan Mains has been pursuing the mystery of the Caribbean in her painting, writing, and now mixed media works.

Her work has been exhibited in the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, China, Italy, Brasil, Spain and Colombia. The paintings are much sought after,and are collected internationally.

! CV Born in the USA in 1958. Dual Citizen, USA/Grenada EDUCATION ! Berean Christian Academy, Secondary, Grenada Cedarville College, OHIO, USA BA., Biology, 1979 Freedom University FLORIDA, USA M.Ed., 1985, D.Ed., 1987 ART !

Auto didactic. Strong colours and contrasts characterize the paintings. Installations and videos exploring social justice issues.

Penny Rollitt

Penny Rollitt was born in Barbados in 1957. She is a self taught artist living on the beautiful South East Coast Of Barbados. Penny attended the Codrington High School, a girls only school in the Parish of St. John, whilst living in the neighboring boys boarding school, the infamous Lodge School, where her father was the Boarding Master.
Later, during her years as a mum and raising three children, Penny had two successful careers. First, designing and manufacturing Ladies garments under the label Perfections, then later opening her company Crane Landscapes, designing and installing beautiful gardens along the South and West Coast of the island. 
In 2013 Penny started painting professionally and displayed her art at On The Wall Art Gallery. 
Penny is currently working part time as a Gardening Consultant and part time artist. Her newest composition in the works, continues the story of her Happy Houses, which depicts the architecture of the Barbados chattel houses in a comical and happy way, giving peep views of vintage Barbadian furniture and paraphernalia